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Unwind / Unwined

me 2Due to the excessive heat and humidity last summer coupled with air pollution from construction,  my face exploded.

My cheeks looked like they had been skinned,  my nose was so swollen and sore that  I couldn’t wear glasses and my eyes were burning. 😡

Thankfully, it wasn’t shingles but a severe attack of rosacea. It settled down after two months of steroids, anti-virals, creams, eyedrops and a new style of glasses that didn’t pinch my nose. Refraining from alcohol was also part of the treatment.

Since December, I have slowly been introducing some alcohol back into my life, Mai Tais were a favourite during a Hawaii getaway but I really didn’t start popping wine corks again until the family gathered for Christmas. It was OK but there were cold turkey days that had nothing to do with leftovers. I’ve noticed with sadness that a lot of my friends  “of a certain age” no longer drink wine, blaming it on the sulphites, pesticides or tannins.

So what does a travel writer, who has made wine touring her niche for the past eight years, blog about now?

I have added  Unwind / Unwined to my blog categories.  Wine touring blogs will still happen but interspersed with other travel blogs about beaches, festivals, cruises, getaway weekends, hidden treasures and seniors travel tips.

I hope you’ll stay with me in 2019!

Cheers! Android Pie; U+1F377; EmojiAndroid Pie; U+1F377; Emoji

Or maybe just thumbs up. 👍

Veronica (the wine and unwind tourist)



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