The wine tourist

Veronica Leonard

Veronica Leonard  – Writer and Wine Tourist

I am passionate about wine touring. I love meeting the vintners, the winemakers and the viticulturists who make it all happen. I love the green rows of ripening grapes and the cool tranquility of the barrel cellar where wood and wine languidly embrace. Most of all, I love the wine tasting, selecting wines that appeal to my tastes and bringing them home to cellar and pair with the right time, food and company.

When we became empty nesters, I knew nothing about wine except that it came in red, pink and white and not all of it was good and I wanted to change that. In our travels abroad, we chanced upon Harvey’s bodega in Jerez, Spain, New Beginnings Winery at Nelson’s Creek in Stellenboch, South Africa.  Brunello and Vino Nobile in Montalcino and Montepulciano in Italy. We came close to bathing in rosé in Provence.

To my surprise, my home province of Nova Scotia had an emerging wine industry, that was producing wonderful whites and sparkling wines largely from hybrids grown nowhere else. A move to Ontario brought the wines of another emerging wine region in Prince Edward County to my attention. I’ve since been discovering the longer established wines of Niagara and British Columbia with a focus on the smaller family-owned wineries,

I’m a wine tourist, just like you learning as I go. The winetourist.ca is a compilation of my past and present blogs and articles on wine touring. This is my virtual wine cellar where I go to savour memories of great winery visits.

My travels have involved far more than wine touring so I have included a new heading in this website called Unwined (Unwind) for the travel stories that have nothing to do with wine but a lot to do with the fun and adventure of travel.

Questions? You can contact me by email at thewinetourist@gmail.com. I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog to stay in touch.




  1. Great to find a passionate wine lover like we are! We should definitely organize a wine tour to Italy together…you’d love Abruzzo wines (but you probably know them already)! 🙂 Very nice to meet you! Alessia

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