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The Devil’s Wishbone Riesling

During this snowy March, 2014, I was reveling in beautiful white wines that live in my wine cellar full of memories of summer days and a lovely tastes. These are my “go to” wines, that have to be replenished and provide an incentive to go wine touring again.

The wine: The Devil’s Wishbone Riesling

The winery: The Devil’s Wishbone
A beautiful old barn winery on County Road 7, near Lake on the Mountain in Prince Edward County, Ontario. It has a spectacular view of Prince Edward Bay. For years it was run as very successful vineyard, its unique terroir produces different flavours in many of the popular vinifera and so were in demand at other wineries for County blends and cuvées.

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher

The winemaker: Paul Gallegher . Paul left a successful business as an accountant in Toronto and started the vineyard in Prince Edward County in 2002 as part of his rehabilitation from a stroke in 1998. Over the years, Paul has been selling grapes to other vineyards but making wines only for his own consumption. In 2011, the barn and the wines were ready to meet the public.

Why I chose this wine:
I haven’t put a year on this Riesling because I’ve bought it from successive vintages and it’s always been good. Paul Gallagher uses a small very old press that produces whites that are closer to free run than pressed grape juice. He has an equally gentle use of oak, when he does use it, just to subtly shape the wine. Normally I don’t attempt tasting notes because years of drinking scalding hot coffee have muddied my taste buds but this one I described as tasting like water from a fresh mountain spring that had run through grass, wild flowers and over water polished stones. Delicate, fresh, and dangerously thirst quenching.

the hay loft tasting room

the hay loft tasting room

Devil’s Wishbone is still a small batch winery, so his wines are only sold through the winery or online. I’ve noticed however that wine tour companies are increasingly adding it to their itinerary. People love the beautiful old barn with its myriad of tasting rooms, the incredible view and the very drinkable wines.

The website is currently down so I’ve included a link to the winery’s Facebook page which is always more up to date and has the necessary contact information. The winery is scheduled to reopen March 8 and those wishing to make orders can call the winery at 613 476 1190

I’ve written about the Devil’s Wishbone before in

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