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Broken Stone Pinot Noir

This blog is one of a series I wrote in 2014, featuring a specific wine that I enjoyed at a local winery. This was written about Broken Stone Winery, a year after it opened. Its first Pinot Noir from 2010 was extremely good for a first effort. For Wassail they put jaunty hats and scarves on the three vintages they had in stock.Broken Stone Pinot Noir

The wine: Broken Stone Pinot Noir ’10, ’11 and ’12
2010 was an extraordinary year for County wine and this wine was made from grapes already on the vineyard from the previous owners.  Michael Pinkus’ review of the 2011 is mentioned below. The 2012 is still from the original vines but lightly oaked and very fruity.

The winery: Broken Stone Winery
Tim and Micheline Kuepfer of Toronto bought a small farm on the Closson Road in 2009 already planted with an acre and a half of Pinot Noir. In 2010 they added another 3.5 acres with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They opened the doors of their winery on Victoria Day weekend 2013.

Broken Stone T and M 2
The Winemaker/owner: Tim Kuepfer
“For us, growing good grapes in a good location comes first. The wine almost makes itself. I’ve had lots of help and advice from the Prince Edward County Winegrowers Association and especially Rob and Sally Peck of Sugarbush. Vineyards.

The reviews: Only the 2011 has been reviewed and it received 3 1/2 stars from Michael Pinkus.

Broken Stone Exterior 2
Why I chose this wine:
County Pinot Noir can be hit and miss. There are consistent stellar performers usually at high prices but sometimes, new wineries overprice underperforming Pinot Noir. Broken Stone have used new French oak chips instead of barrels for their first three vintages and managed to keep their price down and better control the effect of the oak. At $18 a bottle, their 2010 Pinot Noir from the original grape stock was dark, rich and earthy, an amazing first attempt that is selling out fast. The ’11 and ’12  from the same vines  are pleasant lighter, fruitier wines that may gain more complexity with aging.

I had a chance to have a barrel tasting of the 2013 and it will definitely be worth a return visit when it’s released. In 2013 they took their first harvest of their new vines  so the taste will change again.

This small winery is a family project and Tim Kuepfer writes an interesting blog on the joys and challenges of a first time vintner.  Their wines only sell through the winery but they will ship them free of charge anywhere in the GTA or for a shipping charge elsewhere. To sign up for Tim’s blog or to order wines go to the contact page on their website.

I first wrote about Broken Stone Pinot Noir 2010 in my blog on 2013 Terror – Let the wine flow

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